Dow Jones Today Is Rallying on Lower Unemployment

The Dow Jones today is popping after the Labor Department announced the unemployment rate fell to 11.1%. Investors continue to bet on a V-shaped recovery and ignore the ongoing surge of national COVID-19 cases. The rally comes on the back of large gains during a holiday-shortened week. The post Dow Jones Today Is Rallying on[…]

3 Monero Price Predictions for 2021 – One Forecasts 7,712% Gains

We had to make sure you saw the latest Monero price predictions for 2021. The lowest price target on for Monero in 2021 is $300. From today’s (July 2) price of $64, that’s a potential gain of at least 369%. The post 3 Monero Price Predictions for 2021 – One Forecasts 7,712% Gains appeared[…]

How to Invest (and Profit) in Real Estate – Without Buying Property

The coronavirus has left 13.3% of people in the United States without jobs. Retail spending is down about 8% compared to pre-pandemic times. Earnings from big-name companies like Nike Inc. and Costco Corp. have missed already-low expectations. Yet, in the face of these stats, the stock market has been rising. Since its March low, the[…]

The 2 Best REITs to Buy in July (and 1 to Sell)

Simply put, investors overreacted to fears over real estate that never materialized. And that’s creating the perfect buying opportunity right now. Not only are these REITs underpriced, which means they will pop higher soon, but the lower price means their yields are much higher than normal. That adds even more cash to your portfolio. What[…]

This AI Stock Play Is Already in over 300 Million Vehicles

Only a few short years ago most people had never imagined having a digital assistant in their home to answer questions, play music, or even order products online for them. Now, more then 200 million smart speakers have been sold with 147 million units sold globally in 2019 based on data from Strategy Analytics. That’s[…]